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CiSRA Puzzle Competition 2015 - Medal Details

We award virtual medals to teams who complete all the puzzles in a Group. These are shown as small icons in the team ranking page, and at a larger size on each individual team's page. Teams who have won medals can also access larger, downloadable versions of the medals, suitable for printing and displaying as bragging rights. Access your large medals by logging in to your team page.

Medals come in different ranks for teams who complete puzzle Groups requiring different numbers of hints. The most prestigious rank is of course reserved for teams who score maximum points for an entire Group.

Medals do not affect any team's total score or ranking in the competition in any way. They are merely an extra visual reward for teams who have completed all the puzzles in a Group.

Analytic Cubist of Group 1


- Group solved for maximum points.

- Group solved scoring 4 or more points for each puzzle.

- Group solved scoring 3 or more points for each puzzle.

- Group solved.

Hanoi Towerer of Group 2
Labyrinth Runner of Group 3
Knight's Tourist of Group 4
Tangram Anagrammer of Group 5