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CiSRA Puzzle Competition 2013 - Credits

Puzzle Design

  • Andrew Coker: Good Directions.
  • Andrew Shellshear: Animal Halves, Look, Ma!, Smaller and Smaller, Some Assembly Required, Flags, Three Colours.
  • David Karlov: Connected Nodes, Cryptic Hexagon, Words with Benefits, On Reflection.
  • David Morgan-Mar: Inspired, Lists, On the Right Track, Novel Plots, XYZ-Word, Anachronism.
  • Loki Patrick: Sometime, Sudorubikube, Embrace and Extend.
  • Melissa Irrgang: Interactions.
  • Steven Irrgang: Old Chairman of the Farm, Second Rate Suburb, Interactions, Circular Definitions, Fly in a Box.

Puzzle testing: Andrew Coker, Andrew Shellshear, David Karlov, David Morgan-Mar, Geoff Bailey, Loki Patrick, Steven Irrgang.

Web Site and Graphics

  • David McLeish: 3D rendering for medals.
  • David Morgan-Mar: PHP, SQL coding.