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CiSRA Puzzle Competition 2011 - News

23 August 2012
The 2012 Puzzle Competition will be held with Puzzle Week beginning Monday 1 October. We will be archiving the 2011 competition and refreshing the site for 2012 very soon. We hope to see you busy solving puzzles then!

6 August 2012
CiSRA is looking for industrial experience summer interns to work with us over the December-January period. Check out the vacancies available here. Update: The intern application period has now closed.

10 July 2012
The 2012 competition will probably be held around mid-September. More details as we work things out!

18 April 2012
The 2012 competition will be held some time around August/September. More details as we work things out!

16 August 2011
Our feedback form is now ready. Please take a few minutes to tell us what you did and didn't like about this year's competition so we can do better next year.

15 August 2011
The 2011 Competition is over. Congratulations to everyone who solved puzzles, and particularly to our top 3 teams in each category:

Competition winners      Prize winners        Iron Brain winners  
1    Xyzzy 1    Wild Goldfish: Top Gear Accent     1    Esic
2    plugh 2    Professional Cake Eaters 2    Panda Cubs
3    Wild Goldfish: Top Gear Accent 3    Fo' Quizzle 3    Wedge Tail

See the team stats page for the final scores and rankings of all teams. We hope you had as much fun solving the puzzles as we did creating them.

Worked solutions for each puzzle can be found on the puzzle page. Credits for the 2011 Competition.

We will soon post a feedback form so you can let us know what you liked and disliked about the 2011 competition. If you have lengthy feedback, or just can't wait, please send e-mail to

8 August 2011
Puzzle Week is underway! The Group 2 puzzles have been released, and new puzzles will appear every day for the next three days, as well as hints for the earlier puzzles. Good luck to all solvers!

25 July 2011
The Group 1 puzzles have been released. Good luck in the competition! You have two weeks to solve Group 1 before Puzzle Week begins on Monday 8 August.

21 July 2011
The Group 1 puzzles will be released at 12:00 AEST (02:00 GMT) on Monday, 25 July. This gives everyone two full weeks to solve them before Puzzle Week.

18 July 2011
The 2011 Competition is now open for team registration. Register your team on the registration page. Good luck with this year's competition!

15 July 2011
We have archived the 2010 competition and are ready to roll! The 2011 Puzzle Competition will open for team registration on Monday 18 July. The Group 1 puzzles will be released a bit later, though before Puzzle Week - we've yet to decide the exact date.

13 July 2011
We have confirmed the 1st and 2nd prizes for the 2011 Competition. This year first prize will be a Canon PowerShot SX230 HS camera for each team member, and second prize will be Canon IXUS 220 HS cameras. We're also working hard on archiving the 2010 competition (it's non-trivial) and getting registrations open for 2011. Keep your eyes peeled!

27 June 2011
As well as our annual Puzzle Competition, this year CiSRA is launching the CiSRA Extreme Imaging Competition. This is a competition for Australian tertiary students, with a cash prize for the best-judged project in the field of cutting edge applications of photography, video, and imaging science. Check the link for details.

27 May 2011
The 2011 Puzzle Competition will be held in the week beginning Monday, 8 August. More details to come soon!

5 April 2011
We're still working on the 2011 Puzzle Competition dates. It's looking very likely to be in the second half of the year this time.

16 March 2011
Planning is currently underway for the 2011 Puzzle Competition. Dates have not yet been decided - it is possible it will be held later in the year this year. We will update the site news as soon as we have some! The 2010 Competition will be moved to the archive soon and the site refreshed for 2011.