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CiSRA Puzzle Competition 2009 - News

This is the archive of the 2009 Puzzle Competition. Please visit the current competition site for information about the latest Puzzle Competition.

4 February 2010
The CiSRA Puzzle Competition is definitely on again for 2010, CiSRA's 20th anniversary year. We have a few surprises in store, but are still in the planning stages at the moment. The likely dates will be some time around April/May. The 2009 Competition will be moved to the archive soon and the site refreshed for 2010, but we thought we'd announce the good news as soon as we could.

16 December 2009
Planning is underway for the 2010 Puzzle Competition. We expect to hold the competition again in 2010, but we need to get approval before we can officially announce it.

18 August 2009
The Sydney University Mathematics Society is running a puzzle competition starting on 31 August, 2009! Registrations are now open for the 5-day event, see:

8 May 2009
We've added links to the complete metapuzzle file downloads, in case you didn't get to see them all.

4 May 2009
The 2009 competition is now over! Congratulations to the following teams:

Competition winners      Prize winners        
1    Tweleve Pack1    bbq
2    Puzzletome dot com    2    Fo' Quizzle
3    Killer Chicken Bones3    phwoar

(See the team stats page
for the final scores and
rankings of all teams.)

We hope you had as much fun solving the puzzles as we did creating them. Please give us any feedback you have, positive or negative, so that we can improve future events!

Worked solutions for each puzzle can be found on the puzzle page, and the full answer log is also available. Credits for the 2009 Competition.

27 April 2009
And we're on! Puzzle Week has now begun, with the release of the Group 2 puzzles. At noon on 28 April, Group 3 will be released, as well as the first hints for Groups 1 and 2. New material is released every day until the competition closes on 4 May.

20 April 2009
Puzzle Week begins in one week! The Group 2 puzzles will be released on Monday 27 April at 12:00 noon AEST, followed by more puzzles and hints over the next week. If you haven't finished the Group 1 puzzles yet, try to get them solved before Tuesday 28 April for full points.

27 March 2009
The competition is now open for team registration and solving of the Group 1 puzzles. Good luck in the competition!

25 March 2009
We expect to open the competition in the next few days. Meanwhile, there are some minor changes since last year that we would like to announce:

  • There are no puzzle postcards this year, but we are keeping the tradition of releasing the Group 1 puzzles before Puzzle Week. The first puzzles will be released very soon after team registration opens.
  • There is no story text with the puzzles this year. In past years, the story text sometimes contained hints about solving the puzzles, whereas puzzle titles were designed not to help. This year, the titles may provide clues (although nothing sneaky - if you need to use the title, it will be obvious when you get that far).
  • We're admitting we have a metapuzzle this year. It's not worth competition points, but we think you should have fun with it. Enough about that for now.
  • We have shiny new medals for you to win!

20 March 2009
There are still one or two things that need to be finalised before we can officially launch, but we expect to announce the competition dates and prizes, and open the competition for registrations next week. Puzzle Week will happen in late April or early May. Thanks for your patience. And in the meantime, the Melbourne University Mathematics Society has launched its annual Puzzle Hunt, which happens in the week starting 30 March. Get your brain into gear by entering their competition too!

16 March 2009
Our apologies for the ongoing delay in finalising the competition dates. The competition will happen, but there are some things that have to be resolved before we can officially announce the dates and prizes. To help you keep track and be sure you don't miss the announcement, we've created a news feed, which will be updated with all competition announcements. Subscribe with your feed reader if you want to hear as soon as we have further updates.

5 March 2009
We are still finalising the dates for the 2009 Competition. It looks like we will be holding it a month or two later than in previous years - around May/June. We hope to have final dates and open registrations within the next week or two. Sorry for the delay, and thanks for your patience!

5 February 2009
The competition is not open for team registration yet. We're still setting up the database. Please don't try to register a team until we announce registrations are open! Thank you.

21 January 2009
The 2009 Puzzle Competition will be happening some time in March or April.

Prizes will include cameras for each first and second place team member. The competition is open to everyone, however teams are restricted to a maximum of four people, and only Australian students are eligible for prizes.

See the competition rules for full details.