CISRA Puzzle Competition 2008 - Credits

This is the archive of the 2008 Puzzle Competition. Please visit the current competition site for information about the latest Puzzle Competition.

Puzzle Design

  • Andrew Coker: Boneyard, Gridlook, Lexifabricography, Rationalist Way.
  • Andrew Shellshear: Cross Section, Flowchart, Metapuzzle, Smilies, Tourist.
  • Ben Carr: Amigos, Miss A Beat Poetry.
  • David Karlov: Cognition, Maze, Stressed Out.
  • David McLeish: String Theory, Through the Looking-Glass.
  • David Morgan-Mar: Cranial Anatomy, Plastic Man.
  • Loki Patrick: Content Defect, Wordoku.
  • Steven Irrgang: Schrödinger's Wolves.

Story Text

  • Andrew Shellshear: Thread B: Bones.
  • David Karlov: Thread A: Apocalypse, overall story editing.
  • Loki Patrick: Thread C: Camera, Thread D: Detective.

Web Site and Graphics

  • Andrew Shellshear: Site header graphics, medals. Photography for Tourist.
  • David McLeish: 3D graphics rendering for Cognition, Plastic Man, Through the Looking-Glass.
  • David Morgan-Mar: HTML, PHP, SQL coding. Photography for Cranial Anatomy.